How to create record in detail screen with text as identifier

I have a detail screen to create a new record. One of the attributes of this table is "Code" that is the identifier. I'm trying to drag and drop the code to the detail form. However it seems that is not possible. 

Its not possible to add to the form the Code entity identifier so the user can enter a value? Thanks!


Hi, Jake B.

I have searched on documentation, but found nothing. I think that, the default behavior of drag and drop is not to create a input widget for the identifier, whether it is text or not. It is not common to allow the user to create an identifier. Have you tried to create an input widget by yourself and then to set the variable to the identifier?

Nonetheless, I think you should consider to use the default entity identifier and set an unique index to the field you want as identifier. It can save a lot of work now and in the future.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.

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