Training with no previous coding/IT experience - Next steps after the Intro courses

Hi everyone!

I just finished the Intro Course («reactive web-development» track), and I'm not sure what to do next.

I'm willing to transition to become a developer, however I have no previous technical/coding/IT experience, which means I'll be learning everything from scratch. I'm waiting to join an «Academia» (a formal training course), but I'd like to get some previous knowledge, since I'm aware I'm not as prepared as someone with a technical background.

What do you recommend as a next step? I realized I should study SQL (or at least have some basic notions), but regarding the Outsystems training materials, what should I check next?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Cristina,

Learning SQL is a good idea (This might be a good place to start

You can also check the mobile developer course (

It's also a good idea to try to make an application of your own so you can practice what you learned in the Intro Course. If you have any questions post them here on the forum and someone will help for sure :)

Best of luck!


Hi Cristina,

you can see tips of what to study in this POST.


Hi Agno,

Thanks! I'll check those suggestions :)

Have a great week!

can you help me please , how can i start , how can download the development ? 

Thank you


Hi david,

you can do download in this link:

and start studying on this link:



Hello Cristina.

You are on the right track, with all that training in only a month!

If you want to get more technical, I also recommend SQL. It is the hardest part so the best you are prepared, the easiest it will seem. Anything else you can learn bit by bit, but building the database wrong can undermine the entire project from the start.

Practice a lot and you will be fine.

Hi Nuno!

I'm just checking the mobile intro course as well (since the majority of the topics are shared with the reactive web track, it's useful to also check the content related to the mobile apps track).

After that I'll definitely get into SQL (I'll certainly need some help, but for the basics, I think it will be a great start to check some on-line self-guided content).

Thanks and wish you a great week :)

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