login Service center when i use ip address

Dear All,

I have an issue with my fresh installed 5.1 installation;

everything on machine installed

Windows 2008 r2
MS SQL 2008 sp2
IIS 7 Outsystems platform server (latest which can be installed on production systems)

when i connect to Service center with this link no problems:
but when i use the dns name http://db_nl/ServiceCenter it gives me an error: You don't have a valid Service Center session.

Has this something todo with my IE settings?

Hi Frits,

OutSystems sessions work over cookies, so in a first approach it seems like your browser is not being able to use the cookies at the db_nl domain.

Try adding this websote to your Trusted Sites are in Internet Explorer to see if it solves the situation - you have to guarantee that cookies are working in OutSystems server.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
I tried (both intranet and Trusted) but no luck.

What should be written normally under front end servers if you have a stand alone installation?

Hi Frits,

Are you behing an HTTP proxy when using that DNS? This could somehow affect the cookies.

In the Front-end servers you should have one server only (like you can see below).


Daniel Lourenço
problem solved!

http://www.hanselman.com/blog/ObscureBugASPNETDoesntHandleCookiesWithNonstandardServerNames.aspx this helped me out. ie doesnt accept underscores for cookies. i was able to use firefox instead so after i changed my db_nl to db the problem is solved.  Maybe you can note this information in the checklist....

Are there known issues to just change the server name on the platform?
Wow.  Interesting.   Thanks for posting the solution.