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I am using Zing services for Barcode generation. When I scan the barcode using my mobile, I set it to display some application-related details. When I click on these details, it takes me to google.com. Instead, I want to go to my website. How to do this?




Hello Abira.

First, do a search for google on your app to be sure it is not hardcoded.

Second, check the information sent. Barcode as ideal for numbers. To get that information, you need a full address. If your path lacks protocol/domain information, the content may be sent to Google to find a path. Just like the address bar in modern browsers.

Hello Nuno,

Thank you so much for your reply. It worked. :)  I have another question. The application details I set to display when scanned are in Arabic. But all the scanners display something like this "????????" instead of the Arabic script. How can I fix this?  


I think the second issue is not on the barcode but on the page encoding. Check if it is set for Arabic. Also, are the scanners ready to read Arabic?

I am not sure how to check page encoding and also not sure whether the scanning app accepts Arabic. 


Can you test the link in a browser?

Can you open a different application on the scanner?

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