[Data Grid Reactive] Using the ContextMenu\MenuItem_CustomOption to perform action on clicked row
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Published on 24 Feb 2021
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I am using the 


to add a list of custom actions to perform on a row in the grid. I get the actions to show as options and the onclick to do the same as the example app does giving the user a message that he has clicked.

However, I do not see how i get the information of the row/object I am clicking on, or how to find it from the input to


Is it possible to use this and perform an action on the row selected, and if so, how do I "get" the row data or id in MenuItem_CustomOptionClickEvent so I can perform further actions on this specific row?

Regards Bård

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Hello Bård,

I'm currently looking at the issue of the Date.

This question will help answer this and the other question.

Are you using the latest Grid version 2.0.7?

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If you have MenuItem_CustomOptionClickEvent it means you are in the latest Data Grid version.

Did you had the opportunity to check the API_Selection folder, it has several actions related with selection.

You can use GetSelectedRowsData that will retrieve the information of the selected row or rows (the row information serialized and the row index). Here's the API information.

Is this what you need?

Bruno Martinho