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Does this plug in supports Tag Technology functions ? nfc.transceive ?



Can you provide more detail on what you're trying to accomplish? There is no nfc.transceive method in the library on which the plugin is based, but you may be able to accomplish the task using different means. You can read data from a tag using the MimeListener or NdefListener, or write data using one of the client actions.

Is there something else that you are trying to do with a Tag?

H G. Andrew,

Thanks for your response. 

Actually I want to scan Mifare nfc tags, I have tried with addNdefListener which is not scanning the Mifare nfc tag.

And I tried the Sample_Nfc application which is also not read in the Mifare nfc tag.

My Requirement is need to read the Mifare nfc tag,

Step 1 :  NFC need to discover the tag (discovery)

Step 2 : External read - based on the Tag ID, I need to read again from NFC 

step 2 : Based on the response I need to do the  nfc.transceive 



As far as I am aware, the Tag Technology functions you referenced have not been merged with the fork of the NFC Cordova plugin which is the basis for this component.

Have you tested that tag with other NFC apps (I usually use NFC Tools by wakdev, which is available for both iOS and Android), to ensure that the tag is working and compatible with the NFC reader in your device?

Have you tried the MIFARE classic NFC plugin here:

NFC Mifare Classic Plugin - Overview | OutSystems 


I just looked over that plugin, as well as taking a look at the main ChariotSolutions NFC plugin repo, which appears to be where you got the image above. If you're feeling adventurous, you could try cloning the NFC Plugin and modifying the Extensibility Configuration to point to the ChariotSolutions repo, and then add the necessary actions and listeners to support the Tag Technology functions.

Unfortunately, I do not have any MIFARE tags to test with, so I'm not sure I can be more helpful than the pointers above.

Thanks for you response. 

The  NFC mifare Classic Plugin supports only Android.

I will try with ChariotSolutions  repo and let you know the outcome.



Hi G. Andrew Duthie,

I have successfully implemented with  ChariotSolutions   repo but there is no solution for iOS yet.

But I have seen ios related code in following release "



But there is no guide or JavaScript API functions to access nfc. example how to use nfc.connect or nfc.transceive. 

Please check above release and confirm whether this plugin supports ios mifare ultralight tags  or not.




Will this plugin support MIFARE ? already tested the NFC Mifare Classic Plugin - Overview | OutSystems  but when using MABS 7, this is already not supported

In Android on 2021-06-10 at 13:46:17 - Error installing Cordova plugin: phonegap-nfc. Plugin tries to override AndroidManifest.xml 'uses-sdk' property, which is not supported from MABS 6.0 onwards. Please update your plugin. 


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