Blank pdf on IOS 14.2
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We are developing an mobile app to preview PDF file.

It works well on IOS 13.4 and 14.4. but show blank content on IOS 14.2. 

I can be sure that the file exists in the device summary.

since it shows the thumbnail when I share it.

What is the possible reason for this?

and I try to write log after place "OpenDocument" action. It interrupted at OpenDocument.

Hello Fox,

i had a similar problem before and the reason was that the PDF file name contained spaces, please make sure that the file name has no spaces. this may fix the problem.

Hi, thank you for your reply. In fact, I have tried, but the problem still exists.Now we can only inform users to download it to the device and open it?

Indeed, having the space in the file name has some issues on certain devices. Although unsure if it causes the blank page, but let's debug from there.

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