edit or add multirow in data

edit or add multirow in data

i need to edit data but not only one row  ,  when i go to datatable_List i whone to edit all data i see in
the list , and in the end of page or in the end of row have the save - new - delete button .
something like this becouse i have 38.000 records in the database end i need that fast edit....

Hi Triantafillos,

Welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

If I understood correctly, you can do what you want to do by using inputs instead of expressions, in the Table Records widget, and by using Ajax updates for the changed cells - or a single Save Page button at the end.

However, depending on the amount of information you are listing at once in the page, the performance may be less than optimal.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares

Thx  Paulo Tavares