Is there a Timer component like in VB.Net?
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For the Mobile environment (web too), are there any Outsystems components like the VB.NET Timer, for example?

A component that I configure the interval in X milliseconds and that it has an event (or action) that will be executed every X milliseconds. And when I want to disable its enable property to false and when I want to reactivate I set the enable property to true.

Is there anything close to that in Outsystems?


Hi Fabricio,

In server side, you have Timers in OutSystems to do that.

In client side, you can establish a polling mechanism with Javascript, using the setInterval function, see an example here.

Since you mention Mobile applications, to run Javascript, you just have to drag the Javascript action from the left sidebar to your logic and write your Javascript. 

Hope it helps.

Kind Regards,


I see a lot of people mixing concepts here so I leave a note for future visitors.

Timers in OutSystems are not supposed to run less than 5 minutes apart, and are server-side.

For mobile, your best approach is to use javascript like you see in João comment.

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