History of Changes on the records of an entity
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Could someone tell me if there is any way in Outsystems to record the changes that are made to the different entities.

For example, I have an entity where the customers are and somehow I need to be able to see:

1) When each record was created, who created it and the value of its fields.

2) Every time a change is made, I need to know what field the change was made on, old value and new value.

Thank you very much


Hi Salvador,

You don't have this behavior by default nor you shouldn't in my opinion, since such tracking implies a lot of storage space and performance overhead on every database CRUD operation.

Being that said, there are some scenarios where it is critical to have such an "audit trail" and they can be implemented in the platform.

If you want to take a look at some examples, you can check out OutSystems Forge, there are a few components that showcase it in action.

Kind Regards,

Hi Salvador,

  you can use below forge component to fulfill your requirement.



CV sharma 



Hi Salvador,

Although this technology is not in the scope of Outsystems, the best way to achieve this is by using DB's trigger. 


Hi Salvador Duran,

You can put log message and to find who and when created and updated the data you can add the CreatedBy ,CreatedOn,UpadatedBy UpdatedOn attributes to entity and assign Getuserid() and currtimedate().



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