Assigning boolean site property in Service Center
Platform Version
11.9.1 (Build 20359)

I have an boolean site property (e.g. Site.IsAlive) where the default value is True. 

In Service Center, what is the value I should use to assign false to this property? I have tried False but my debugger showed Site.IsAlive = true. I tried empty string, 0, 1 but Service Center does not allow the change. 


Hey Kaiming,

If your site property default value is True, you can assign False in service center as below and click apply.

It should work.


Yes, that should be the way. But when I turned on the debugger, it still show as False. 

I managed to get it to work by publishing the module but I do understand site properties do not need to be republished for it's value to be updated.


Every time you change the value of a site property, no matter if it's done in Service Center or programmatically, two things happen:

1. The site property is updated in the database
2. The Application cache is invalidated so that the platform can fetch the property new value.

When you publish the module, you are invalidating the cache. If the new value of the site property only showed after this, you know that step 1. run ok, but maybe not step 2.

As stated by Hans in another answer, there had been some problems with the Invalidation of Cache addressed in newer versions of the platform.

You may want to check if you don't need to upgrade your platform. If your platform is up-to-date, and you can actually confirm this behaviour is not transient, I would recommend opening a support ticket.


Everytime you change the site property an Invalidate Command needs to be issued.

Can try adding EspaceInvalidateCache action and check?

However it should work without this as well. Maybe look at the Service Center logs and try to find the possible error.


Hi Kaiming,

in addition to the answer of Angel, please check the release notes as well if you have to upgrade your server to the latest version due to some bugs around cache invalidation



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