[Data Grid Reactive] Can we add icons to a column when some conditions are true
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Can we add icons to a column when some conditions are true

Hello @Mohit Mathew 

Today this isn't possible.

But, as we are evolving our solution I would ask you to register your idea here, all the user can vote on it, and we can better plan our release schedule.

Best regards,


I searched the ideas and didn't find anything, so I went ahead and added it:
"Support icon display in Data Grid Reactive "

Hello @Mohit Mathew,

Can you please give us some more details about this requirement?

The flag and the new should appear on cell value condition that comes from the database, I mean, is it a column in a database that indicates what to show, or depends on the cell value? 

Is this for when you render the grid, or is it a logic that runs when you change the cell value?


Bruno Martinho

This should be great when we render the grid. It could have been an own type of column ("SymbolColumn") that only show one ore more icons based on some validation. This cell should then not be editable, but refreshed if the row is changed. 

The grid would then be more "viewable":-)

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