Dates in the  sales table of my  application  are not arranged by dates.
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Dates in the  sales table of my  application  are not arranged by dates.


Date        item   Amount

2 Feb     Corolla  3,000,000

4 Feb     AKanta     5,000,000

2 Feb      Keke      500

4 Feb     Camry   4,000,000


How do i align the dates so the 2 Feb will be together and 4 Feb together. And i want it to flow from oldest to newest.


How do i change date display form from 2 Feb, 2021  to 2/02/2021  ?  

Thanks as you help please. 


You can sort your aggregate by date, set to ascending:

Question 2: Your value must be in an expression with a function like FormatDateTime. Remove it:

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hello Harrison,

In the aggregate that fetches the data for your table, in the Sorting tab you need to add a sort by the desired field (EntityName.Date Ascending). 

For changing how the date is displayed, check the properties for the FormatDateTime function which is applied on the date field, and change them to meet your needs.

Hope this helps :)



Hi Harrison,

For questions 1. You need to use order by asc 

For questions 2. Use 


Thanks to everyone that contributed in helping me resolve the problem. 

Everything is working properly currently: Question one and question two resolved (dates aligned as wanted and date format is as required).

Thanks again 

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