How to trigger event when click outside block or container Outsystems Reactive
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11.10.12 (Build 39003)

Hi firends

I have a block with a container inside (Outsystems Reactive)

I need to trigger an event hat changes the value of a boolean variable everytime I click outside the block/container.

The boolean is a local variable  inside the block but if needed I can change it to an input parameter.

How can I trigger this event?

Thank you in advance


PS: It's not a popup

I think you need something like this...


drag the block to the screen and set the var to the input of the block. Each time the var changes will change the value of the input and will trigger the onParametersChange inside the block to run the flow that is in the action.

Hope this helps.


Gonçalo Almeida

If my suggestion is ok please mark it as "solution" in order to close this thread.


Gonçalo Almeida

One way is indeed to use a boolean "switch" as input of your webblock (like Goncalo suggested) with OnParametersChanged to add 1 to the counter in your webblock. (var1 = not var1 to flip its value each time)

Another way would be to have the counter in the webblock as an input parameter (like you suggested), and have also a counter variable on screen level, set as input of the webblock. Each time you click, add 1 to the counter in the screen, which will automatically trigger an update of the input of the webblock.

Both options should work.

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