Instantiate Definition in Outsystems

I'm sorry to poor my English.

Other programming language has instantiate rule.

ex) new A(); (in Java)

In outsystems,How  is it instantiate?

In case of Web Block,It is instantiate at Web screen and Web block?

Please tell me instantiate timing or definition.

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Hi Erina,

The object creations are made by the platform, but you can interact with the instantiation process through events. Please, refer to this Screen and Block Lifecycle to see how you can use those events.

Hope it helps

Best regards.

Hi Kadu,

Thank you for answering.

I need to read Screen and Block Lifecycle.


Hi  YamazakiSan

Outsystems is not object-oriented. So there is no such thing as instantiating.

Kind regards,

Hi Tom-san

>there is no such thing as instantiating.

Thank you for telling.

But actually,this page's recommendation use "instantiate " word.

So I'm confused. my poor English skill and program skill caused it. :(

Perhaps There is instantiate timing or rule in Outsystems...?

I thought it.


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