Multilingual Technical Preview - Strings not translated in client actions
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I'm once again having a problem with the Multilingual Technical Preview (React). 

I've got a global client action which performs some checks and create a string. This String is then used on several pages and is supposed to show translated content to my users. 

In my client action, I have an assign operation with the following assignment : 

The string is correctly displayed in the translations screen and translated (here in french) : 

However, when the action is called from one of my pages (in french-BE)  and the string is used, the original english version is displayed 

My client action is used by several pages and duplicating the logic in screen actions is unfortunately not an option for me. 

Since the string is shown in the available translations I believe there's a bug somewhere, but how can get out of this situation? 

Any idea ? 



Hi Ben,

I have tried to reproduce your problem in my environment but it is working properly. Can you share us .oml file with your problem?

Kind regards, David.

Hello David, 

I can't share my actual project oml but I've made a quick test projet which also have the problem. 

Simply try to insert a text which breaks the validation rules and click "check". If you switch language you'll see the error message is not  translated, even if the variable is not concatenated in the validation action. 

Best regards 



Hi Ben,

That is a known issue that has already been fixed by the team. That  should start to work correctly in the next platform server release.


Tiago Simões

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