New Video: Easy Feedback on Your Apps

Feedback is critical to any application, and the faster we can get feedback from users and stakeholders, the faster we can turn that feedback into improvements in our apps. 

In this video, we explore App Feedback in the OutSystems platform, which makes it really easy to get feedback from users, including valuable data on how they are running your apps, to more easily fix issues and address pain points, and build your apps faster. Watch here:

Note that in the video, I mention appending "ECT_Provider" to the base URL for your environment. This may not work if you're currently in Lifetime, as I show in the video, and your Lifetime is installed in it's own server/VM. The demo environment I'm using has Lifetime installed in the same server/VM, so it works on the same base URL. Another approach that will work regardless of where Lifetime is installed for you is to open Service Center for the desired environment, and then navigate to Factory | Modules, and locate the ECT Provider module, and open the App Feedback application from there.

Learn more about enabling and using App Feedback here: 

Nice! I will watch the video and share my feedback.

"share my feedback"

I see what you did there... :-)


Awesome feature. Thank you for sharing.

Good, will try it in my applications.


CV sharma 

The best part of it is to capture exact UI click by user. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for sharing the video. It is nice explanation of the ECT Provider tool, with a simple demo at the end.

One remark for the users who make use of custom Secure Endpoint / domain certificate - they should use alternative way of accessing the tool by appending the ECT_Provider/ in the Environment URL as explained at Alternative way to access the ECT Provider




Yes that's awesome tool. Thanks for sharing 

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