BPT thread pool

Hi All. Please, help me. How to increase thread pool for BPT processes? 

O10 JavaEE

Every day we are faced with the fact that at some point they begin to slow down activities. Even the execution of such a simple activity " end " begins to take not milliseconds, but seconds. What could be the reason? Through trial and error found out that if you restart secular, the operation is restored. service outsystems.sheduler to restart

I believe there are a maximum of 3 threads of BPT per front end server. If your processes are simple, you can turn on light weight BPT which increases it to 10 threads

BPT have 10 threads per front-end by default, each thread will have 5min timeout for Automatic Activities

Light Processes have 20 threads per front-end by default, each thread will have 3min timeout.

I wound recommend you to try to use Light Processes, they are really really fast when comparing to BPT but don't store history.

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