Can't append to a RecordList in an extension?

Can't append to a RecordList in an extension?

Hello -

Weirdest problem... I have an extension where the output for the Actions are Recordlist, and the record definition is a structure defined in the Extension as well. So in general, my code works like this:

for each (item in a list of things...)
   create an instance of the structure...
   populate it with data...
   call the Append method of the output record list...

The problem is with the call to Append(). It is not taking the structure, saying that it does not implement IRecord. This has happened with every Action I'm defining. It is Integration Studio, in case that matters.

I've done this with other extensions with no problems... seems like I found a bug?

Hey Justin,

Any way you can post the actual code you're using, or the extension itself that reproduces the problem? It would really help to track down the behavior. 

Best regards,
Concalo -

Sure, there's nothing special about it at the moment, it's attached.

The fundamental problem is that the structure created implements ISimpleRecord; in older versions, ISimpleRecord counts as an IRecord, but in, ISimpleRecord is *not* considered an IRecord. I've compared it to an extension I made on the older platform that works fine.

Either that, or something went horribly wrong when I re-targeted the project to .NET 3.5?

I'm having the same problem

Haven't been able to try experiment myself, but just as an example try initializing like this:

RCGFIMAXServerRecord serverRecord = new RCGFIMAXServerRecord(null);

Then after all your current initializations you can append like this:

serverRecord.ssSTGFIMAXServer = server;

In my VS, this did not generate compilation errors and I think it might solve it.

Let me know if that helps,
Goncalo -

That will do it, thanks! Looking back at my other extension which works fine, that was what I did there, but it just wasn't too clear from my code what I was doing differently...

He shoots - Score!               :)