On change-event disables data-picker
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.10 (Build 38781)

On a form in my app there are two input fields, Identification Number and Date of Birth.  It so happens that the ID number contains the person's date of birth. So, instead of having the user enter both, I calculate the date of birth from the ID number in a OnChange event on the ID Number. This works well but it disables the date-picker widget on the Date of Birth input.  I need the date-picker to work because in the case of a user being a foreign national, the ID number will not contain the user's date of birth, in which case the user must enter it using the date-picker.

Why does the calculation of the date in the OnChange event of the ID Number disable the date-picker on the Date of Birth input?

Thanks for your help.



Hi Leon,

Is it possible that you're refreshing only the date of birth input and not the date picker as well?

Usually the date picker and input are both enclosed in a container and you ajax refresh the container, avoiding input and date picker to lose their "link" and causing similar issues as the one you are describing.

Of that's not the case, can you perhaps share the oml to take a look?

Kind Regards,


Thanks João.

That solved the problem.  I never realized that one had to maintain the link between the date input and the date-picker, so now I refresh the container instead of the Date field. Works perfectly well!



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