Call a TVF in external database
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11.10.11 (Build 39017)

In Outsystems, is it possible to use table-valued functions that live in an external database? I have created an extension for the database connection but when I try to call the TVF in a server action, it's unable to locate the TVF even though I've specified the connection to use.


Hi Joanna Maliwat,

Instead of assigning external table values in Advance SQL, Get the entity attributes (External entity) via ManageDependency and assign those attributes  the structure then you can use it in Advance SQL.


Ganesh kumar.C

Hi Ganesh,

Thanks for the suggestion. The thing is, I need to pass parameters before I can retrieve the results, so I cannot just add the data as a dependency since the data is not in a table or a view - it's in a table-valued function. Is using table-valued functions in Advance SQL not supported by Outsystems?

Got your point then you can add input parameter(using one parameter) then goto Integration studio were you can add input parameter then it will be relflect Visual studio and do the query in Visual studio and end result you can take it from there and display the same in outsystem service studio via manage depencies

Get actions should be written in Visual studio along with input parameter

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