Form submit by enter key not working when buttonloading is used

Hello OS Guru's!

I have a form and in the form a Utilities\ButtonLoading and in there a button that is the form default.

When I press the enter button the form is not submitted.

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Are you sure the button is inside the same Form widget as the rest of the fields?

Yeah it is but the form is inside a popup don't know if that is part of the problem.

The Buttn loading have a lot issues, but works in this case.

I suggest two thinks:

  1. Check if the "Is Form Default" is true, because is responsable to add attribute type submit to the button;
  2. Check if your generated DOM HTML button have type="submit";

The browser use type submit to add an event key enter to submit the form.

You can also force the attribute

Hope helps and clarify

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