How Run a Client Action When I close a screen/tab.
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11.11.0 (Build 27311)

I have the following script

this is to prompt the user when he tries to close a tab/screen.

What I want is, that when this prompt happens, the following client action should trigger.

All this does is save a text to the DB saying the user has closed his screen.


Hi Divan,

You can call a client action with Javascript using the $actions predefined object.

See here a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots on how to do it.

Kind Regards,


The risk with having a JS snippet for the same would also trigger when you leave a webpage i.e open a link or go to a new-tab or press browser-bank-button.

If that is something you are ok with, then I would recommend you to have that snippet in LayoutWB itself & then you can either invoke your custom popup from there itself. Having the snippet on LayoutWB will be applied to every Screen of your app.

Hope it helps,

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