Searching for "display database images from filename"

Searching for "display database images from filename"

Is there a tutorial/sample for displaying images from a database?
Specifically, I like to be able to display an image by loading it from disk with Outsystems only knowing a database field with the file name of the image. Thanks
Joe -

That's easy enough. Do what you would normally do in that scenario to get the database field into a local item in the screen preparation (or whatever should cause the image filename to be loaded). Bring an Image Widget onto the screen ( For the filename, use the Expression Editor to select your DB value.

I'm closer, but I still haven't quite got this figured out yet.
1. When I select an image widget, I'm forced to select an image. As I understand this, it's just a placeholder and makes no difference what image I chose... correct??
2. I selected a Type: Database.
3. Then there are some other fields which require completion, such as Filename, Attribute and Entity Identifier. I completed this with items such that OS doesn't complain and the screens appear fine except the image doesn't appear. 
The image placeholder is on the screen, and the properties of it are similar to:\images\100OakRidge.jpg
c:\images\100OakRidge.jpg is the contents of the filename field. It's also where the image is located on the harddrive.
/1/ is the record number of the record for this picture.
I need for the image to be found in the folder where the image is stored on the harddrive... i.e.  c:\images\100OakRidge.jpg
Joe -

1. Correct.
2. Wrong... the type is "External" in your case, not "Database".
3. Won't matter when you change it to "External" and you just need to provide the dummy image and the URL. :)

Thanks... I got it
semantics again... I specifically stated I wanted to use a filename path (c:\filename), and you said ok, but you also said to use a URL (
So I moved the folder into an accessible location and entered my fields with appropriate filenames.

I understand how this works. I was hoping to have a bit more security by NOT making the data folder quite so accessible to the internet.

Thanks for the prompt responses.
No problem!

I kind of overlooked that you wanted to pull it from a local area without exposing that area. You *can* do that the way you want. One way is to put the images in the database; not exactly the same, but has the same goal of keeping the filesystem out of the public eye. The alternative is to whip up a Screen that takes an ID as a parameter, and just references the Download Action, to pipe the image data, and have the Image Widget on your screen refer to that image download screen for the URL.