Implementing Floating Actions
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Hi guys,

I'm trying to implement floating actions from OutSystems UI to my traditional web app. After reading the success documentation, it all seemed very straight forward! However mine looks like this! I understand that the buttons aren't going to work yet as I haven't linked them yet. But I was expecting the plus button to do something. Do I need to add some JavaScript or action?

Thanks in advance,



Hello Asha,

It seems you are missing something on your screen/block...

Does your screen has a standard layout? OutSystemsUI layouts (if I remember well) have some hidden blocks with JavaScript that is required for the widgets to work.

Also, is your page/block in a flow with a Theme that is based on the OutStystemsUI theme?
This is also required for the widgets to work, as it will have many required CSS there...


Hi Eduardo,

I'm using the Lisbon Theme layout for this screen and my own company theme where Lisbon is the base theme.

What would you advise to get this to work?




Lisbon is very old... It's SilkUI I think.
This widget exists only in new versions of OutSystemsUI.

I really don't think this will work...

I think in OutSystemsUI module you have a block you can add to your page that would add the JavaScript functionality required. But I don't know if this would conflict with the SilkUI one (probably).

And you would still be missing the CSS...

Trying to make this work may prove very difficulty, with lots of work to be done, that I don't think is something you wants to do... :/

You'll need to create a custom web block for this probably with some javascript to make it work. As Eduardo said, Lisbon has been mostly deprecated. 

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