Custom printing

Dear I created a system that is already assigning all the necessary information but I would like to extract printed documents

I need to print on the model where I change only the data according to the image, or export

If anyone can help, I appreciate it.

Hello Jone

Just to clear your question. Do you want to print the results coming with desire information from Web app? 



There are two options.

The easiest one is to build the page as usual, with variables in the middle, and export as a PDF. I've tried several tools late last year and I'm a big fan of Ultimate PDF.

The other option is to edit the xml inside a excel or word file, just like you would do with DocVariables. That way you can export as an editable file for later changes.

Hello Jone,

I have developed many of the PDF reports in the past and approached with creating/designing a new page (with the design as business want in the PDF). This is much easier approach and gives you a lot of flexibility to play around. 

The two major (tried out) components, I would recommend 

  1. Html2PdfConverter
  2. Ultimate PDF



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