Is It Possible for the Remote deployment?
My requirement is
I created the small application in my system.Now i want to move the application to server.So user can Access the application from server.But Server does not have OutSystem.Is it Possible?
i tried to  change the Deployment Controller server to server name [Configuration-->Controller] but we get error.

Please give your suggestion to solve my requirement.

Your question in the subject is different than you are actually asking.

What I understand is you are asking how to get your application running on a server where no Outsystems is installed.
It can be done, not easily and ofcourse not recommended ;)

try to look in this document:
The Detach Process for .NET
Hi Devaraj,

Joost perfectly answered the question you asked. However, the best way for you to do it would always be to install the Agile Platform in the destination server, and publish the eSpaces there.

The Agile Platform indeed has a way to detach the source code, it is just one of the many things that we put in to add value to our customers. After all, OutSystems customers should have a legitimate way, should something happen, to not be locked in to the Agile Platform. In doing so, they will lose the benefits of the Agile Platform, but keep the applications they developed while they were our customers.

The Detach source code feature, as such, exists in the community edition for you to be able to try it and see how it works. However, the ability to execute that code for actual business purposes is only meant for customers who have had a valid OutSystems license.

I hope this makes it clear.


Paulo Tavares
Devaraj -

Again, as stated in other forums, you should install the Platform Server on another machine, and either publish from Service Studio, or get a Solution file from your development machine's Service Center and use that to deploy to the new machine.

I highly encourage you to invest a few minutes in watching the video tutorials. They are very well put together, and by spending the time to watch them, you will have a LOT less frustration and will have the answers to your questions much faster. Everything you have been asking on this topic is covered in the first few tutorials.