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Hello All,

I am a back end developer by profession, currently colabrating with my friend to build a personal project. I need a Application just to display the data from my excel sheet to be displayed online/offline in web. My question, I have back end program scheduled daily which create an excel file with all the neccessary information in my local hard drive. Now after deploying my application, how will outsystems get the daily refreshed data? do i need to automatically place the backend created file in any location for the UI to display refreshed data, please let me know your thoughts.



Assuming you are using OutSystems in the cloud, it will have no connectivity to your local hard drive.

I would advise to use a cloud storage like Amazon S3 buckets to store your Excel files, then you can use the Amazon S3 Connector OutSystems Forge component and process the data in your OutSystems application.

Instead of AWS S3 Buckets, you could also consider Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive for those also connectors exists in



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