I am getting a network error/connection error with Snowflake Run Query
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Good day our timer in outsystems is using the Snowflake connector Run Query with the flow below:

Now if I run this timer I get an error but if I split the Query into three timers it runs successfully.  

This is the error if its in one timer 

Would appreciate your input on this. Please let me know if I can send more details.

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Hi Valerie,

I have not much idea about this. However, got a link on the forum related to this, so just trying to help you to get an idea about your issue with below link. 


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Not sure why you think that link will help


Hi Valerie,

From reading the error details you shared, it looks like the OutSystems Scheduler service is the problem, the connection talked in the error isn't related to the Snowflake extension. The Snowflake extension creates a connection to Snowflake, executes the query, closes the connection and returns the result. There are no connections to Snowflake that are kept alive by the extension.

Did you get another error on the timer before this? What is the timeout value for the timer?

There is another post related to the same issue:

The relevant part in that thread is this:

Timers are run by a Windows service running independently of the Platform Server. You can read more about timers and when they run on this article. This service will call your logic via a local Web Service automatically setup by the platform. 

Your message seems to imply that the Application Server that is running your OutSystems apps terminated the web-service request, and not in the standard way (as that would lead to a Timeout message)... Did your web application server go through a reset/restart? Or maybe the application pool that is running your timers got recycled?

Could you check in Service Center the environment health, and see if there are warnings or errors on the scheduler service?

My guess is the execution of the 3 queries take longer than the timeout value of the timer. This would explain why running them in 3 separate timers doesn't cause the error. You  could try and set the timeout value higher and see.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply, the timeout value is set to 60min and it is still timing out. No error on the Scheduler Service as well. But the three separate timers works since I have a deadline this week I'll keep that way first, then just continue to research on how to make the single timer work.

Thank you,


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