Kindly  guide me on how to automate unit prices of items in my App
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I have developed a sales Application. Like a shop with many item and each having their respective prices.


Presently im manually  inputting the unit prices of  items being sold each time a sale occur. 

But im thinking that it may be possible for the Application to know the prices of each item on sale and that all i need to do is to input the quantity being purchased and the total cost will the calculated by the Application.

Can someone help me with an idea on how to automate unit prices in my Application ? 

I want the Application to know the prices of each item on sale so that i do not have to input the prices manually each time sale occur. Thanks 

Hi Harrison,

The very first question which comes in my mind, are you not maintaining the Unit price per item in your product catalogue? 

If you have the prices in the system, then it is fairly easy to pull the product (selling) price and multiply with the quantity during checkout.

In case, you don't have the prices in the system, I would suggest to start with the data model to allow the backend user to save these prices (sell price, cost price, margin/markup etc.). You may also like to extend with the tax (basis taxation category).



Thanks Kumar, please, kindly give me a guide on how to model data in a way that unit price will be automated. I think, this would solve the problem

I would recommend you to have a look at below courses. The last one is a MUST to do. If you accomplish the booking assignment, then you are good in handling almost all basic type of development in OutSystems.

In the booking assignment, if I recall, there used to be the Unit price for each room, which simulates what you are building here.



Hi Harrison,

one field on the table that you will need is the date value, because the prices of the goods can/and will probably change over time and with that column you will be able to know the correct price at any given date.

Best regards

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