LoginPassword Action

LoginPassword Action

1.I am using the Existing Login screen but i done some modification on it.Here i used LoginPassword Action.
I tried to give the Encrpt password but it returns Invalid Message and also tried to passing like Username + Password i get same message.I attached the Sample oml file for your reference.

2.I have combobox in the espace.In that combobox i just hardcode the values like 'Test1','Test2', and 'Test3'.This all 3 values are constant.So no need to get the Value form Entites.

Please suggest to solve the above flow or give some tutorial link for above process.
Hi Devaraj,

In your eSpace, there are some problems with your login process.

To start off, when using the LoginPassword action, you don't need to Encrypt the password, as described in the Help file. It will encrypt the password before comparing it. If the UserId and password don't match, it will return an exception - so the Query you're using to CheckLogin isn't really necessary with the Password as parameter, you can just get the UserId through the UserName parameter. You should then, in the LoginPassword action, pass as UserId parameter NOT the UsrId variable you have, but the returned value from the query - if any.

If it doesn't work when you are passing UserId and Password as parameters, then that's probably because you are not storing the password correctly in the database - or it just doesn't match. The password should be stored as Encrypt(password) in the database.

For you to correctly see how this works, I would suggest creating a new eSpace > From Styleguide, and looking at the normal Login flow, as well as the Change Password web block.

All these actions are based on the Agile Platform's User entities - it seems that you are trying to create your own user management entities. If that's the case, then you cannot really use the Built-in Login and LoginPassword actions, but have to implement your own.

Regarding the use of the combo box widget, I don't understand the problem you are experiencing. I recommend taking a look at our "Use a Combo Box to filter data" tutorial, the "About the Combo Box widget" help file, and to the other topics where it is discussed.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Devaraj,

Following-up with Paulo Tavares comment, I would like to highlight that from Service Studio 5.1.1 onwards you now have a lot of new How To guides available in Service Studio. Additionaly, you also have an improved embedded search functionality that searches relevant information in the Service Studio How To's and the OutSystems network.

If you have not done it yet, please upgrade to the latest version of Service Studio and you will be able to search for information about Users (or any other topic that you would like to know about). See the screenshot below.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço