iOS App Name doesn't have spaces

I'm having a an error where my iOS App when installed, it's name doesn't have spaces in it.
I've tried changing the name (to make it different) and regenerate it, re-install it. It shows the new name but still without spaces in it's name.
Do i have to change some configuration to allow spaces on iOS app name? The name on android appears correctly in all tests.

just to clarify i'm using Outsystems Studio 11. I've tried changing names, republishing, and regenerate and doing a clean install on the device.

Hi Hugo,

The answer is in this thread (

"Another detail, be careful with the size you put, for the apple, you have a limit, 12 or 15 characters. That is, you can write more than this limit, but the spaces disappear and you will have the words all together (I even think that these two limits exist and have to do with the dimensions of the iPhone screen). "

Kind regards, David.

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