[Case Management framework] How to build Case State Machine and use properly.
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I'm building a case management framework application to build a state machine.

I've already followed the documentation but still some information that i can't find. Even in the OutTracker sample app i can't find a example of state machine.

  1. What i need to do for the case management framework take care of the status transition?
  2. How can i get the exception, if exists.

Any pointers and/or documentation would be great.



Hello Lucas.

Thank you for your post.
Sorry to hear that documentation didn't answer all your doubts and questions. Documentation is on a continuous improvement and we will consider your feedback.

Regarding you questions:
1- Case Management framework will not automatically update the case status , even when there is a Case State Machine configured. You will have to do it manually:

  • At the UI level: use Case_GetAllPossibleStatus API to show possible next status defined in the Case State Machine.
  • Programmatically: you can use 2 actions: Case_UpdateStatus or Case_CloseActivity. The second one can close activity and case. Both validate status against state machine.

2- I believe we will need more details on this question. Can you please detail? What is the use case to get the exception?
Nevertheless, let me add this information, perhaps it answers your question. In CMf, exceptions are never aborted. Exceptions are bubbled up and you can handle it at your application.

Hope I could help you Lucas. Let us know if you need any other information. And your feedback is always very important to us.

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes

Hello again @Lucas Silva.

Let me correct one small detail on my previous post.
Case_CloseActivity action will close the Activity and update the Case Status with a given Status. In this action, Status input is optional, in case there is no value then system will not update the Case Status.

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes

Hello Ricardo,

Thanks for the reply, the second exactly what you aswered.

Ps: Would be great if OS put some examples how to use the features in documentation and/or put in the OutTracker sample app.

Hello again Lucas.

Glad I could help.
Thanks a lot for the feedback. We are working on improving documentation and OutTracker.
What additional features would you like to see in OutTracker?


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