Startup looking for a developer

Hi, we're a startup aiming to launch an on-demand massage service in one of eastern european cities.

Existing concepts to clone: Urban (UK), Zeel, Soothe (US), GoMassage (Bali, part of GoJek) etc

We'd like to use PWA to reduce costs of building app and running maintenance, there's no funding secured yet, it's just me and my savings.

We need a simple booking system to allow clients to pick their service, date and time, select therapist from the available at the given address and time and pay via card. Few basic addons like service chat, ability to leave a review, cancel or reschedule.

At the other end we'll need an app for the massage therapists - so they need to be able to see their upcoming bookings, select availability times in calendar, select service areas on a map. Register beginning of the booking when they enter client's home by hitting a button and tap it again when they leave. Automatic payments calculating earnings. Service chat.

Some control panel for the main office so we'd be able to track bookings and therapists, add new employees, change their profile pics, descriptions, change service pics etc. Chat with both groups and process payments.

Is there anyone here who would like to engage in building this?

Very limited budget.

Please don't even bother with killing me with 50k USD range of prices or sending me links to well established multinational software houses, wish I could go that route.

I appreciate any valuable input you may have.



You can look at

But if 50k is a lot for you, be aware the smallest monthly license fee to run your OutSystems applications is already 4k USD. No application build yet. So you already have to pay 48k on a yearly basis just to have the platform.

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