SilkUI estimate date to be depreciated on Outsystems 11
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.7.8 (Build 19822)

I would like to check with the group if anyone would be aware of any possible date when SilkUI will be depreciated and all app would be required to migrate to OutsystemsUI on Outsystems 11? 

As I'm not able to find any information on this to help plan and share with the team on the possible urgency to start migrating UI to OutsystemsUI. Thanks!


Dear MawShin

Where you heard about the SilkUI Depreciation? I am not sure about its depreciation. We can just read to use OutSystems 11 UI and it is quite same as SilkUI.

Please refer some forum old discussion -

If you are planning for migration, this document may help you.

Thanks Manish,

There is no news or article on the how much longer SilkUI would be supported or kept alive hence I'm posting to see if anyone in the group knows about this.

Knowing if there might be such a plan would help to inform the team to start working on migration rather than be informed and require to migrate everything in a rush.


Yes, I totally understand your points and also believe in the proactive approach rather than doing anything reactively in rush. 

For the exact announcement, staff may help you out. Please try to create ticket with support. I will also try to check this for you and let you know if got anything.

But to be on safe side, you should plan the migration asap because Outsystem11 UI has already overtaken the Silk UI. We don't know by when SilkUI will work more but migration should be an immediate action.

Many thanks

Thanks Manish, appreciate it if you could share when you get a response. I will also reach out to support to get a confirmation on this too.

When you get any information about this, could you please share it? I'm sure a lot of people share the same question, and it'll be very useful information for all of us.

Hey all, 

Not sure if everyone hear has heard, this is the latest news to the end of life for SilkUI

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