is it possible to add pdf and other small doc to my record?

Hello all,

Is it possible to add small files to for example an record in my list?

what i like to have

Add a new item (a car for example)
That i can add two pdf to this particular item
That i can download/delete them when i list the item

I think it would be nice if i can save them directly into the database. im using sql server 2008

Thank you
Hi Frits,

Yes, it definitely is. A PDF - or any other document - can be stored in the database as a Binary Data attribute type.

Usually, the recommended way to store binary content in the database is to store it in a different table, and have a key to the original record. This way, you won't always be retrieving the binary content form the database when you access the records.

You can upload the PDF or other document using the Input Filename widget, selecting the file you want to upload and saving it in a screen action, and then download it by using the Download tool in an action flow. See this post for an example.

Is this what you are looking for?


Paulo Tavares