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In service center under monitoring tab we can see the different logs and errors generated by applications. I wanted to know is there any way by which we can email the errors to a particular email addresses or any other way of integration to get the errors reporting. Kindly suggest.



Hello Vikas,

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Directly via Service Center you can export that log information to an Excel file:

Just need to use those filters and click on "Export to excel" button.

Alternatively, you can check the logging tables and query this data. Then you can create some logic to process this data accordingly to your needs (for example, create an Excel with it and attach it to an e-mail). You may find them in the PlatformLogs extension:

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

Hi @Rui Barradas ,

Thanks for update. Export excel will not work for me but yes PlatformLogs extension will definitely work for me. I can write my own logic using this.




Hi @Vikas Sharma ,

You might have interest in leverage a Forge component that already exposes easily all monitoring data.

It's Monitor Probe:

Under the cover uses a similar approach as @Rui Barradas shared.

Some customers use this tool to, easily, expose OutSystems monitoring data to 3rd party monitoring tools, like Splunk, Elastic, etc.

And use that tools capabilities to provide easy access and insights of data, like accesses to Dashboards.

If you want examples/inspiration, please look to:



Hi @Urbano Freitas ,

Thanks for the update. Yes this component is very useful for my requirements. 

@Rui Barradas gave me raw material and you are providing ready made product :)

If you can later share how you intend to use the tool, the challenges on using, etc.

We, OutSystems, will greatly appreciate it.

Hi @Urbano Freitas ,

In my use case client want that he should get immediate email for each error in service center. Once implement, I will share my experience and challenges faced. 

Thank you,


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