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I am having two date filter for the table. When I trying to filter 2 dates by same date like todays date 3 March 2021 on each date filter by CreatedOn date in the entity. I am using below filter condition in the aggregate.

(DateTimeToDate(StartDate) >= DateTimeToDate(Entity.CreatedOn) and DateTimeToDate(EndDate) <= DateTimeToDate(Entity.CreatedOn))

It is not showing any records for the selected date but there is one record in the table with CreatedOn with date 3 March 2021.

If the dates are posted back to server then consider to convert them to server time zone. ???


Dates to be converted to a timezone? Its hours that are converted to time zones. 

Hi Rohan.

I tested I think the same use case and works well for me. Check the data again, otherwise, share the oml in order we can analyze it.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi Rohan,

Do you have any other filter applied in the aggregate that can be interfiering with the result?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Hi Rohan,

Right now your going for a start date larger than created on  and an end date smaller than created on.  That will not yield anything if start < end, that looks odd to me, I think you would want the operators the other way.

That being said, i don´ t know why it doesn´ t find result when start = end = createdOn. 


Hi Rohan,

Please check the data type of the variable that you are using for start date and end date and also check the format of start date and end date value is matching with entity.createdOn format.

For e.g

If the value of start date is 03/02/2021 and the value of entity.CreatedOn  is 2021-03-02 then it will not return the records.

You can change the format of Start date and end to match it with entity.CreatedOn format.

Please make sure that the both date's format will match at that time only aggregate will return the records.

hope this  will help.



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