Bug with multilangual reactive, Technical preview
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Two weeks ago I made an application with a language selector using the technical preview multilingual. Now today while testing the application I noticed something was wrong with it. Before I could just click between the languages and it would change. Now only the first time I click on a language it will change the page content. While debugging I noticed the Locale is getting set and when refreshing the page I see the language that I selected. 

So in short:

-Open page

-Select language -- Everything works like intended, content changes

-Select another language -- Locale changes but content stays the same. -- When refreshing page it shows the content in selected language

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I tried making a new application and in that application it works like intended.

Another older application that also worked is having the same issue.

I can not share the oml.


Hi Nick,

This bug is already identified and will be fixed in a next version of Platform Server 11.11.1 (see this post).

Kind Regards,

Hello João Marques thank you, i'll just reload the page now as quick workaround

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