Change User details with Admin account logged

Im having a problem creating my mobile App.

I need to change some details that UserB( Registered Role) posted with UserA(Admin Role) logged.


I have the list of all users and their information on my admin account, when the list of users loads, it shows me the products they posted and i need to change some information from those users. the problem is that when i create a link or a button i just get the current user information and i want to be able to enter the other accounts. So when i click link, i want to be redirected to UserB page and not The current UserA logged.

Any ideas?


Hi Skeen.

Create a details screen with input with the type user identifier and inside of the screen add a query to filter all products by the user input.

In the list of the users add a link to the detail screen and set the input with the user.

Check the oml.


Gonçalo Almeida


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