In Case You Missed It - News to know!  ICYMI - February 2021

There's a lot going on, and sometimes you just plain miss things. That's why we've created this new monthly video series - ICYMI, or In Case You Missed It. We're highlighting news and announcements of interest to the global OutSystems developer community, so you can keep up with what's new and cool, without spending a lot of time. Enjoy! 

And if you have suggestions for future episodes, be sure to reply below! 

This episode digs into the following topics: 

Hi Andrew,

A good recap of all the major topics/updates.  Thanks for sharing.



On High availability and scalability strategies page, the Geographic high availability design needs a correction. The Primary datacenter should have Front-End Server #2, which seems missing.

EDIT: I have left feedback on the page.

Thanks for that...I'll also ping the folks internally who own this so they are sure to get the feedback.

Thank you for leaving the feedback on the page Swatantra!

We're always looking at it and I'm glad to tell you the diagram is fixed.

Sharp eye there ;) 

Thanks Ana and Andrew for picking this up immediately. Now, the page looks good :)

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