List_BulkSelect unselect not activating OnChange of Checkbox

If I select the List_BulkSelect, it does trigger the OnChange of the checkboxes in the TableRecordGrid
If I unselect the List_Bulkselect, it does not trigger the OnChange of the CheckBoxes in the grid.

There is a OnNotify setting on the List_BulkSelect ... however this can not be set.

So how can I work on the unselect state of the List_BulkSelect ?
Or is this a flaw in the CheckBox itself ?

I've been digging into the javascript behind the List_BulkSelect and found this piece of code
//click on individual checkboxes
    $('#' + TableRecordsWidget +' tbody tr').find(':checkbox').click(function(){

To me it looks lik the click of the checkboxes is canceled if the list_bulkselect is false ... 
because it reacts on this function RichWidgets_List_BulkSelect_toggleEnabledButtons()

Does anybody know what this last function does ?

Hi Joop,

From what I remember that function enables/disables the associated links (or buttons):

Tiago Simões
Yep Tiago,
You're right.

However It also seems to trigger the onclick of the checkboxes in a way but not all the time.

Check the attached OML.
Add two rows to the entity
If you click on of the checkboxes in on of the rows in the grid the OnChange is fired all the time ...
If you click on the bulk select, it fires OnChange sometimes ...

We need to have more control over the bulk-checkbox.

Maybe this is a flaw in the bulk-select javascript or just a lack of functionality.
Would be nice to have the OnNotify to really work so an action could be triggered ....

Hi Joop,

I see what you are saying. I've forwarded that info to OutSystems Support so they take a look into it.

Tiago Simões