Geolocation - Background Geolocation LT Sample - how it works?
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I'm testing PlugIn here, but I still haven't been able to understand how it works.

When I click START it returns me the data at that moment. But I don't see the data being updated and, mainly, I would like to see that it works in the background when obtaining the current position.

1) However, how will the geolocation data be updated automatically? Especially, in the background, how can I know that you still get geolocation?

2) After working on the tests, how do I buy this plugin? Any link to purchase?

I am referring to this Plugin:

Hello Fabricio, 

Since your question is specific to a plugin available at the Forge, I suggest you place your question through the plugin's support page. That way the plugin author is notified directly and you'll probably get a faster answer. This specific plugin is not owned by OutSystems and so the author is the best person to help you.

Component support page:


Thanks João!

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