Disable the three dots -download, picture in picture option in a os video player
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11.10.12 (Build 39150)
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Hey all,

How can i disable the option to download and picture in picture in an Outsystems video player.


i have tried the solution in the discussion above it  did not work in reactive web.

Thanks & Regards



You can add an OnRender event and add this jscript:

Note I am using an input parameter with name of element video. You can adjust it according to your needs.

Kind regards, David.

Hi Kanishka,

Did the solution work for you?

Kind regards, David.

Hi David,

I tried it the java script works but in the when the page is first initialized I get a feedback message "Cannot read property  'querySelector ' of null" how to fix that .

Thanks & Regards

Um, it looks like the input parameter ($parameters.VideoElementElementId) is null. Are you passing any value in the parameter? This value is the name of video widget.

You must adjust the code according to your needs. Perhaps you don't need an input parameter and you can put static value. This input parameter is for giving it some flexibility.

Kind regards, David.

Hey yes I'm passing the video id in the input parameter and the options for download and picture in picture are also hidden it just gives this feedback when the page is initialized

I tried  using the static value it worked . Thank You!

Ok. You can improve the jscript code with this:

var video = document.getElementById($parameters.VideoElementId);

if (video!=null) {

    var videoElement = video.querySelector("video");

    videoElement.disablePictureInPicture= true;

    videoElement.controlsList = "nodownload";


In my original code, the input parameter jscript was mandatory.

Kind regards, David.

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