[XML Records] XML field starting with underscore
Forge component by Afonso Carvalho

right now, one of the names of the structures is set as "fieldname_123", but we need to set it as "_fieldname_123", is there a way to do this withotu using the replace function? since there is no way to add an underscore behind the name of the structure name, i dont find any other workaround

Hi @Tony Carreira , I think there is no work around in this problem, here are the Best Practices Naming Conventions for Outsystems.

(the platform restricts "_" even in variables)


Hello, thank you for answering. I know it is against eh best practices, but the external systems which we have to send the xml file has a field named like that :(

Just trying to figure out the best work around


Hello Tony,

Sorry for the late reply. Reading your issue, it sounds like it is this, but backwards right? While that issue is how to map XML fields to a Record List, you want to map fields from a Record List to the XML. 

If you use the AttributesConfig input structure and the Name/EffectiveName attributes, I believe you can change your XML output and use names that would be invalid as OutSystems names.

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