Dropdown Option Text Property Automatically Resets to Other Column in Reactive Web Ap
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The “Option Text” property is automatically changing if we redesign the layout of the screen in reactive.

Steps To Reproduce: 

  • Create a dropdown in reactive screen and fetch any static data to fill the dropdown box

  • Set the “Option Text” property as “Signals.DropDownText” 
  • Now do some layout changes. For example add the dropdown box into container

  • Now you can see “Option Text” property is automatically changed to Signals.Label

In our use case, we have 100s of controls on the same screen, many of them are dropdown boxes. For any layout changes option text property resets to other column. It needs manual effort to reset back. 

we dont want it to reset the column in option text property but it does. perhaps a bug?

I have attached sample oml used.

Any help?


Hi, I tinkered your OML a bit, you can fix this bug, by deleting the Signals.Label attribute and Create it again, It worked for me. Try it and ask again if it's still not working


This might be the minor bug related to service studio  but I tried few things in your OML. When you done with the layout changes and after change the value of option text from Signals.dropdownText to Signal.Lable then again you change the value of option text to Signals.dropdownText and publish the module. After that this value will not change.

Hope this will help,




happy to see that we're not the only ones struggling with this issue in Reactive Web.

in our context, we have an aggregate joining two entities.

The "values" originate from 1 of the joined entities, the "text" originates from the other joined entity.

Also for some reason, the "text" population keeps changing to an attribute from the 1 entity.

Thanks for these tips. We'll try not to mess with UI after setting straight the data.

However, imho this should not happen and feel slike a Service Studio bug.




Seems OutSystems forced to use Label as the Option Value because somewhere it is used to Label the Record. 

Might be the Automation of selecting Option Text is causing this issue. 

I believe better option would be to save Dropdown Text into "Label" and Label in some other attribute for the use case. 


Is there fix for this problem already that reset the option text?

I am adding myself to the conversation as I am experiencing the same bug.

Any updates on this?

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