[Automation Anywhere Demo Application] Robots List not showing all robots.
Forge component by Peter Schröder
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Robot list not showing all robots.

Which parameters control how the robot list is pulled?

Could the fact that we have nested subfolders of robots be causing this discrepancy?

Hello @Swatantra Kumar 

Yes.  We have followed the config.  We are successful in retrieving key and devices data.  However, the list of robots is incomplete.  Many are listed, but many are not.



Hi, sorry for the late response. I only recently became responsible for this component. 

Could you pls. give more Information about your RPA Environment (Version etc).



Hi @Peter Schröder 

We are using AA version 11.

Under "My Tasks" in our control room there are 126 folders where most of the bots reside.

Some of those folders have sub-folders.

I cannot find a correlation between the bots that appear in the Robots List and those that do not.

Perhaps there are values buried in the code that control this behavior?

thanks for your help


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