Can you call core service - update entity from workflow?

I have two module in my program, "taskmanagement" and "taskmanagement_CS".

I am trying to build workflow in "taskmanagement" but  "Update Entity - UpdateTask" is not accessible from workflow. 

And under "taskmanagement" data only "Get Entity" is accessible.

Does it mean for workflow I shouldn't separate CS layer?

Thanks so much in advanced.


Hi Constance,

From the workflow, you can add that when the activity is closed you perform some logic. For that, you just need to right click your Approval entity and add an OnClose event:

On the OnClose event created, you can add your logic.

In the case you want the other way around, i.e. to close the activity when you are updating the task, my suggestion is to create a wrapper that performs the update and exectutes the ActivityClose from System:


Kind Regards,

Hi Joao, 

Is Closed on and on Closed the same?

What I understand is "Closed on" to close the human activity so the user no longer require to approve when the something happen. 

But how about Closed on? is it like I will only need this if I want to do some automation task after user approve or reject?




Hi Constance,

Close on is the action that automatically ends the Human Activity execution.

On Close is a callback action which is executed when a Human Activity or Wait activity instance is about to end its execution. (you can read in more detail which callback actions are available, when and how they work here).



On the entity you have to set the following checkbox:

Then republish the module containing the entity.

Then refresh the dependencies in the module that references the entity.



Thank you Daniel.

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