Change ICON for Upload Widget
Service Studio Version
11.10.12 (Build 39237)

Hi All,

Currently i am using a upload widget to choose a Excel file from my harddrive and refresh the DB. Now my question is, possible to chnage the look of the upload icon (Currently its shows a paper clip and some space)? please see the attached for the look in browser. 



Normally I open a clone version of OutsystemsUI (or OutsystemsUIWeb, if it's traditional), copy the widget that I want to a widgets module created by myself, and then I edit what I want in that module (in your case, change the icon).

than, where I need to use it, I use that one and not the one from OutsystemsUI or OutsystemsUIWeb.

EDIT: I never save the clone module. And normally I need to check the dependencies that the widget that I copied in the widgets module.

Hope this can help.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira



You have option to change icon of upload widget.

see below image when you expand upload widget-

Hope this will help you.



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