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Can anyone explain to me how to implement the  setExtendedProp() method on resources. I have followed the process through by copying how other calendar methods (updateEvent specifically) but cant figure out how to get it to work.

I am getting a "resource.setExtendedProp is not a function" error no matter how I attempt to implement it.

Please if anybody can point me to where I am getting this wrong it will be hugely appreciated.

Heres some of the code I have tried.

var calendarInstance = document.querySelector("#"+$parameters.FullCalendarId+" .fCalendar");

if(calendarInstance && !!calendarInstance.ReactiveFullcalendar){

    var Rc = calendarInstance.ReactiveFullcalendar;

    var calResource = Rc.getResourceById($parameters.ResourceId);

    var resourceJson = JSON.parse($parameters.jsonString);


        console.log( calResource);





function updateResource(resource){

    resource.setExtendedProp('score', $parameters.score);





            updateProp(resource, 'score', $parameters.score);




function updateProp(_resource, name, value) {

    var e = _resource;

    e.setProp(name, value);


Hi Rob,

Can you provide one .oml file with a example of your problem to see if i can help you?


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